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How it works
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What they're saying

The quality of care has been really good, we’re really glad we found our doctor when our local place stopped accepting patients.
Palo Alto, CA
I really enjoyed talking to my doctor. I saw her postpartum and I really took the time to think about what she was saying, it was thought-provoking.
San Jose, CA
I have two young sons and so far the treatment has been great. Our doctor put them on medication, adjusted it when needed and so far the improvement has been very good.  We really like the Talkdoc platform.
Palo Alto, CA
She's a great therapist. She's an excellent doctor, she's very professional and experienced. I've known her for many years. There's been a lot of improvements in myself. I’m more active, I'm doing more things around the house.
Glendale, CA
Definitely positive changes I see for my grandchildren and myself. It helped my grandchildren with ADHD and put anger issues under control. They listen and understand even with children.
Glendale, CA
Because of her help, I'm able to function as someone neurotypical. She looks at you like a person, instead of a machine or something you have to fix, and listens to what you say, giving you advice and prescriptions based on that.
San Jose, CA
She listens to our questions and worries, and is very thorough so I have a clear picture of what she's saying. As part of the treatment, she will give suggestions and if I’m not comfortable with it, she is fine with trying new things.
Palo Alto, CA
She’s been my doctor for maybe over 1 year. We have really good conversation about getting well, eating well, and my psychiatric needs. She's been really good to me.
San Jose, CA
I love going there, I haven't had any issues with any of the doctors there. I've done therapy with them and taken medications.
Glendale, CA

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